The Dieci.3 line is a reference in the market, within the entry-level range


Due to their high efficiency, Dieci.3 loudspeakers are easily driven with source unit power, but are still a great match when paired with amplifiers. Replacing the OEM loudspeakers with this exciting new range, will turn your system into a high fidelity experience, full of detail and impact.


Dieci.3 expresses the evolution of the Hertz brand; continuously closer synergy with our Cento and Mille lines. One of the main design elements of the Dieci.3 line is a modern look, matching any vehicle’s interior. The use of V-cone®, TPU surround, new tweeter design, Conex voice coil former and the scrupulous attention to every single detail, all contribute to the enhanced performance and commercial success of the new Dieci.3 products. The Dieci line is the perfect choice for those who long for a high quality sound system with easy, affordable placement into factory speaker locations.


Dieci.3 line features six sizes: 87 mm, the new 160 mm, 170 mm, 4”x 6”, 5”x 7” and 7”x 10”. These new sizes enable the installation in almost every vehicle currently available. The new DSK 160.3 twoway system will include an adaptor ring designed for installation in GM and Honda models with 6” OEM speakers and a cable with built-in crossover for the DT 24.3 tweeter, designed to save space in a OEM upgrade scenario. The new range offers 5 subwoofer models including an entry level 10”, 12” and 15’’. An enhanced performance

version is available in 10” and 12” sizes, complete with cosmetically appealing protective grille. The Dieci.3 product range also offers two high-efficiency system enclosures, as well as a 12’’ powerful tube system, providing an exciting punch with high reliability. The ultracompact DBA 200.3, an 8” active subwoofer system, completes the product range.



The DT 24.3 is a neodymium tweeter with a structure optimized for high-level performance as well as accurate, neutral acoustic reproduction.

The structure features an efficient, highly linear annular acoustic lens along with a geometrically optimized PEI membrane, selected for its high stiffness and heat-resistance. These design solutions provide the best damping, ensuring detailed, linear sound, even at high SPL levels.


The new Dieci.3 motor system has been renewed with a careful selection and use of specific materials. The choice of ferrite, with its highly magnetic properties, along with a reduction of the gap size, provided the ability to increase the efficiency of each motor assembly.

The voice coils are wound on a Conex former, a synthetic fiber used in the aerospace industry and selected for its lightweight, stiffness and excellent heat resistance.

For the subwoofers, a top-quality aluminium voice coil former was used, for its thermal and mechanical features. Motor systems are coupled to the baskets with epoxy glue, providing robustness and resistance even at extreme temperatures.

The magnet features an anti-corrosive, vibration-free, thick butyl rubber cover.


The most important new feature regarding woofers and coaxes is TPU, Thermoplastic Polyurethane surround; ensuring linearity as well as reduction of resonances, even at high excursions.

The woofers, as well as the DS 250.3 and DS 300.3 subwoofers employ the proprietary V-cone® technology, for maximum stiffness at high excursions.

The woofers and the coaxial drivers are equipped with a waterrepellent, UV treated pulp cone, while the subwoofers feature a polypropylene cone stiffened with mineral powders. The selection of these materials was made carefully, with optimal low frequency reproduction as the main parameter.


The Dieci.3 line includes ten coaxial models, differing in terms of size as well as the number of transducers: the smallest is 87 mm in diameter while the largest reaches 7”x10”. The tweeter’s reduced profile, the height never exceeding the level of the woofer surround, as well as the reduced depth of the basket makes Dieci.3 the best choice even in the most difficult OEM placements.

The new Hertz Dieci DCX 160.3 6” coaxial includes an adaptor ring designed for installation in GM and Honda models with 6” OEM speakers.


To offer maximum versatility and installation friendliness, the Dieci.3 line features an active subwoofer system featuring a 200 mm (8”) subwoofer with two passive radiators of the same size. The DBA 200.3 features a 140W AB Class amplifier built-in to the back of the enclosure. Variable crossover frequency, level and acoustic phase adjustments make tuning the system to the listener’s taste easy and effective. A plug-and-play connector allows for clean installation and easy removal from the vehicle.